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The Origin Of Nike Air Jordan And Its Growing Mile
The Origin Of Nike Air Jordan And Its Growing Mile

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Today, NIKE has 33 years of history, produced from 1972 NIKE Bruin 1st pair of footwear start to today's constantly changing technology, NIKE in these 33 years, through the ups and downs, the cast , but it can be not as brilliant as other brands.
 And with this comparison, AIR JORDAN NIKE family history does not long-term.

 In 1985, Michael Jordan was to be paid the contract or a small manufacturer of sporting goods manufacturers to NIKE's contract, and NIKE then also introduced the very first in Jordan "Jordan" sneakers named following, the initial of a series AIR JORDAN paragraph: NIKE AIR JORDAN I - although this time with strange footwear inside the color and the new technology, but no 1 ever thought that this truly is definitely the beginning of a myth.

 20 years later, AIR JORDAN series of basketball shoes now seems to have become the world's ideal basketball footwear. Contained inside the Spring and Autumn 20 years, Jordan has experienced two back and 3 retired; contained in the Spring and Autumn of 20, AIR JORDAN series has gone through countless storms.

 For the years in this particular series AIR JORDAN able to make a small sum, NIKE in 2005 launched a special series of basketball shoes, AIR JORDAN paragraph 20: AIR JORDAN XX. Even though some of AIR JORDAN 20 seem strange appearance, but it really is undeniable, AIR JORDAN 20 possess meaning, but it truly is the other shoe never be able to comparisons.

 AIR JORDAN 7 in which the design concept, the designer for the first time the concept of adding a motorcycle, especially in the red patent leather part of the most obvious. In fact, AIR JORDAN XX part of the design with red patent leather could be the latest addition to the protection system designer, for NIKE interpreted as "the protection of the ankle rope," the basis of which is worn high heels and women with nature similar.

 In addition to a "protection of the ankle rope" beyond the idea of the latest technology, AIR JORDAN 6 also by all means use of LASER laser engraving technology to highlight AIR JORDAN Michael Jordan and the series of glorious past. As long as careful observation is not difficult to find within the AIR JORDAN 19 magic at the bandage around the shoe, carved with large and small, all kinds, diverse shapes of patterns, and these patterns are independent of each another whole, which , we can find Jordan in his career highest score; we can also see Jordan's birthday; or the Ministry of automobiles that can catch your attention, because it was Jordan's very first car purchased; also one particular with 6 a finger of the hand, it can be trying to say is that Jordan already has six championship rings ... ...